Artificial Intelligence and Ethics

Artificial Intelligence, is a branch of computer science that deals with making machines and systems that are capable of intelligence. This is being widely and extensively used for all kinds of smart technologies. AI as an umbrella term has been misunderstood and a lot of companies tend to grapple with what it basically entails.

A lot many organisations tend to consider smart algorithms and term it as AI. That is not necessarily the case. There are various tools of AI, such as machine learning and deep learning. However, its foundational understanding still remains elusive to many organisations. They then go on to brand themselves as an AI company.

There are currently no real legal frameworks for AI that exist at the moment. Although, Artificial Intelligence Ethics is an emerging area and one which companies can start considering in the development of their products and services, should their focus be AI in the first place. One should not view the ethics of artificial intelligence as some sort of a codified document. Rather it is something fluid which does evolve over time and can be a continuous process. It is important to keep in mind that to first understand Artificial Intelligence Ethics it is crucial for companies to get a rudimentary outline of what an AI company actually does.

Firstly, companies have to make sure that the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence and its ethics are well understood. Then, organisations would be in a better position to take their AI-related projects forward. At every stage of the development of an AI-related product or service, a constant assessment of the ethical considerations is key. This ensures that the company gets the desired outcome.

How Sentilius® can help:

Sentilius® has various programs to suit the specific requirements of companies that are considering a foray into AI-related technology. Our program on Artificial Intelligence Ethics provides the management and employees with the necessary knowledge and tools to develop AI-related products and services which will help meet the company’s end objectives..