Legal Strategy for Business

Legal strategy is a widely encompassing practice that enables businesses to prevent and mitigate legal issues or conflicts. It involves the use of legal frameworks and prevailing regulations to build on an organisation’s competitive advantage.

Creating a well-rounded legal strategy for business goes beyond drafting and vetting contracts, ensuring regulatory compliance, or protecting intellectual property. Instead, our experts use the existing legal framework pertaining to your business to suggest a course of action that will stimulate revenue growth, potentially lower costs, and optimise marketing strategies. In most organisations, inputs from the legal team are usually taken as an afterthought after important business decisions are made. However, legal expertise at initial stages of commercial discussions can offer valuable insights into dealing with expected and unexpected business challenges.


Legal strategy is valuable for businesses in various stages of the company life cycle, from start-ups to long-established companies. Each stage poses distinct challenges, and each of themprovides ample opportunity for legal expertise to shape and prepare the business for the future.


Fund raising

Particularly useful for start-ups and entrepreneurs, seeking investment can be fraught with a
range of complications and restrictions, such as surrendering control or lock-in periods. Legal strategy can help with framing the most favourable terms for fund raising from new investors.

Partnerships, mergers, alliances and acquisitions

Whether seeking partners, collaborators, or the right businesses to create synergies, legal strategy can play a multi-pronged role. For instance, a well-founded legal strategy can offer guidance on the right types of partners for your business, define favourable terms for negotiations, and the best possible arrangement for sale, purchase, or alliance.

Marketing strategy

New markets, products and services are always exciting opportunities for revenue and profit growth. Surprisingly, legal strategy can play a tremendous role in marketing and product development, especially when incorporated in the early stages. A legal expert can advise businesses on how the prevailing regulations of a specific region, industry, or type of product can help define your product USP, or help you stand out from competition.


Incorporating legal expertise in the early stages of business or product development strategy offers tremendous benefits to businesses, which are in sync with the long-term vision of the organisation.

How Sentilius® can help:

We follow a customised approach to developing legal strategy for our clients, across various stages of a company’s life cycle. Our insights can be extremely useful when we are involved in the early stages of a launch or product development, new market strategy, and fund raising, or business negotiations. With top-notch advice from an experienced and qualified legal professional, you can build long- lasting, successful, and mutually beneficial relationships with vendors, suppliers, business partners, investors, and allies. You can also build legal protection for your company early, and most importantly, we can help your business thrive.