Intellectual Property Management

Almost everything that an organisation creates is a result of the ideas that its employees and teams share. This, in turn, is actually its Intellectual Property (IP). However, one cannot treat all ideas or resultant creations as the organisations IP.

Most companies in India tend to view intellectual property as useful only if it is protectable. A common misconception is that if something is not patentable or otherwise protected as other forms of IP then it does not warrant any real protection. Or, for that matter even consider it as an entities IP. Intellectual Property Management then becomes a useful means and tool to consider a complete understanding of an organisations IP.

Most organisations may not use an idea in the context of commercialised IP and seek protection for it. But, they should nevertheless consider it to be a valuable resource. Also, organisations can avoid duplication and avoid potential infringement issues. Additionally, they can save time and resources on a similar creation at a later date. Besides duplication, if you document such ideas well, you can use them as preventive tactics to deter competition from patenting their products.

The various tools and processes that form part of Intellectual Property Management from a holistic perspective aims to provide guidance to companies on how best to consider their IP for optimum use. The management of intellectual property needs a broad outlook. Also, one where the entire organisation is well-versed with the myriad of issues accompanying IP use and protection. From a strategy perspective, IP management can enable organisations to better understand how their intellectual property can help achieve their long-term business goals.

How Sentilius® can help:

At Sentilius®, we offer services that help the organisation take a comprehensive view of their intellectual property. Furthermore, we help to create an efficient IP management strategy.